About Us

Arlan Lehman began tuning and servicing motorcycles in the late 1970s. After working in the service department at a local Yamaha dealership he decided to branch out on his own. LRD (Lehman Research and Development) began in 1982 in a 96 square foot workshop in Amity, Oregon. After 26 years of building LRD, Arlan decided to spin off the service business and create LED (Lehman Engine Dynamics) Performance.

Throughout the 80s, 90s, and into the new millenium, Arlan's engine and exhaust designs have won over 40 National Championships. He has built engines for some of the best riders in the world including; Gary Denton, Barry Hawk, Bill Ballance, Jeremiah Jones, Team NACs and many others. The feedback that he received from these experienced riders helped him perfect a winning formula for building the very best exhausts and engine packages on the market. Gary helped Arlan realize that he must design products with acceleration and a broad, usable power band in mind. This design principle helped Arlan continue the winning streak with 11 Cross Country Championships, as well as Pro MX National Championships, Open Pro-Am Championships and A & B class National Championships.

Arlan Lehman

Arlan originally founded LRD Performance in 1982 in a small shed outside of Amity Oregon. Over the years he taught himself the secrets to high performance. He sold LRD in 2002 and worked there until 2008. He then bought back some of the original tools and equipment and moved his shop to Gresham and started LED Performance where he continues to find better ways to make things go way too fast.

In his down time Arlan enjoys riding dirt bikes. He also loves vintage dirt bikes, especially ‘70s YZs and RMs.


Chris Keller

Chris works at LED as the master fabricator and welder. He also does some service work. Chris first came to LED when he wanted some work done on his 2-stroke shortly after he started helping out around the shop after work. He learned to build pipes and to weld and after a few years he became a full time employee at LED. Chris now machines parts, does service work, and fabricates a number of different things in addition to building pipes and welding.

In his spare time Chris enjoys riding BMX, playing guitar, and making his Yamaha Zuma scooter go faster than was intended by the designers.


Taylor Lehman

Taylor is Arlan’s son and has worked at LED since its founding in 2008. Taylor started out sweeping the floors. He soon learned to roll cones, weld and build pipes. He is now the webmaster, photographer, media person, and also office manage. He also provides computer support and works on engineering projects and lends a hand with the service work and fabricating.

Taylor enjoys riding dirt bikes, photography, shooting, and old trucks.