Kawasaki KFX450

LED Performance has tested the KFX450 extensively with the help of WORCS Pro and Kawasaki supported Rider Brandon Brown. We have found a few major performance hindrances and designed products to correct these problem areas and extract the most power from your Kawasaki. Check out the details below on these performance products for the Kawasaki KFX450R. Click HERE for Dyno information regarding our engine package.

Engine Package

........ The LED KFX450 is the ultimate engine package. Horsepower and torque are significantly improved at all RPMs. Dyno testing has shown as much as an 6 HP gain at 6000RPM, 14HP gain at 8000RPM, and 19HP gain at 9600RPM.
........ The heart of this kit is the 2008 KFX450R cylinder head which receives precision porting work, combustion chamber modifications, and valve seat cutting and blending. Each head is flow-bench tested to ensure head flow is substantially improved, resulting in much improved power output at mid and upper RPMs.
........ An X style forged high-compression CP piston adds to the acceleration to produce a healthy torque curve with much improved peak torque numbers. Throttle response, low RPM pulling power, and rev-out are greatly improved.
........ Each camshaft is chosen based upon the needs of each customer to produce a broad spread of power from low RPM all the way to the rev-limit. The camshaft package can be changed depending on the type of power delivery that you prefer.
........ Each head is re-assembled with the valves installed and the valve springs set to the exact seat pressure needed for the camshaft.

Ported KFX450 cylinder. 

Performance Products