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KTM 530

LED is the place to go for KTM XC engine mods. Our 530 kit is a 97 mm big bore kit using the stock stroke. This kit concentrates on maximizing acceleration by improving engine efficiency.  This is done by maximizing air flow while at the same time hitting the exact ideal velocity numbers. We increase the intake valve size 2mm with our 37mm intake valves. We increase the exhaust valve size 1 mm. We taper bore the carburetor to 43 mm and install our jet kit. We install the ideal Web camshaft. Our sheet metal intake track with K&N filter further tunes the intake and improves breathing. Our megaphone exhaust slips on the stock head pipe with minor modifications to the header.

These air flow and tuning gains totally change the power of the KTM 450 XC.

This engine makes a perfect race or play Quad with huge gain of 10.5 ft/lb of torque and 6.2 hp @ 3250 rpm. By 5500 rpm we have gained 7.5 hp and at 7250 it has gained 16.1 hp and 11.6 ft/lbs of torque. A stock KTM 530 with 97 mm bore and Dasa slip on muffler makes 46 hp from 7750 – 8000 rpm. The LED Engine makes 65.3 hp from 8500 to 8750 rpm. On the top end the LED kit is 22.50 hp stronger than stock at 9500 rpm.


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