Suzuki LTR 450 Stage 1

The Stage one Engine kit is a major increase in performance. It gains horse power from idle on up. This type of power gain makes for an amazing power delivery and major acceleration improvements. The strong midrange will give a big advantage in the dunes, trails or MX race track. This kit gains 4 hp at 3500 rpm, nearly 5hp at 5750 rpm, and over 18 hp at 9500 rpm.

To accomplish these gains we increase the air flow though the cylinder head with our porting and 4 angle valve seat contours. The Hot cams stage 1 cams help increase acceleration and allows us to use the stock valve springs. Because we are increasing the engine rpm we check and set the valve spring pressure to the correct pressure. The 13.5 -1 CP Piston improves over all power and improves reliability. We use either the Dynojet Power Commander or Dynatek fuel injector controllers.

Kit requires a racing exhaust system.

Suzuki LTR 450 Stage 2 National kit

Our Stage 2 engine kit is a national level engine kit. The heart of the kit is our air flow improvements.

With intake air flow improvements well over 30 cubic feet per minute over stock, we are substantially improving the breathing.  Part of this flow gain comes from oversized intake and exhaust valves, as well as our improvements to the valve seat contours. To further improve breathing we taper bore the throttle body and install our oversize butterfly valve. We also modify the throttle shaft to further improve air flow.

To get full benefit of the radically improved breathing we add a Web camshaft with more lift and duration. To help the valve train handle the increased RPM we install stiffer valve springs and set spring pressure.  We raise the compression ratio with a standard bore CP 13.5-1 piston kit.

The result of these modifications is an over 25 hp increase at 9500 RPM while maintaining strong low end power. With nearly 60 rear wheel hp this engine is powerful enough for national and has shown to be reliable enough to make a great Duner or trail machine.

This kit uses the Dyno jet Power Commander fuel injection controller.  We have had good results with Dasa Exhaust systems.

Suzuki LTR 450 516 Kit

The LED 516 is a big horse power kit perfect for sand dunes and play riding. The displacement increases come from installing the Hot Rods 66.8 mm stroke stroker crankshaft. The bore is increased to 100 mm by installing our big bore sleeve and piston. We accommodate the increased air flow needs of the engine with our dyno and flow bench tested head porting.  To further improve breathing this engine uses A Web cam shaft. We upgrade the valve spring with stiffer and higher quality springs from Kibblewhite.  Stock valves are used in this build. The increased horse power and torque will overwhelm the clutch. We add a Hinson clutch kit and a Direct Drive Lock up clutch.

Below is a dyno chart of the 516 kit using a Dasa Full exhaust system.  The power gains start early in rpm.  It gains 7.43 hp and 8.25 ft/lb torque gain at 3250 RPM. By 5500 rpm the engine has gained 10.63 hp and 9.86 ft/lbs of torque over stock. The engine makes 65.2 hp at it’s hp peak at a 8750 rpm. The stock engine with a pipe that we tested, peaks at about the same rpm but makes only about 38.83 hp. That is a 26.37 hp increase.  The torque peak occurs at 7000 rpm with 43.7 ft/lbs of torque.  This is a 16.47 gain over the stock engine with pipe at the same rpm. The LED 516 also makes a  huge gain in top end power with a 33.85 hp gain at 9500 rpm and a 18.71 fl/lb torque gain.