Yamaha Raptor 660

LED Performance has tested the Raptor 660 extensively. We have found a few major performance hindrances and designed products to correct these problem areas and extract the most power from your original Raptor. Check out the details below on these power products for the Raptor 660.

Engine Packages

Standard Bore Engine........ Our Stage 1 engine kit gives you the big gains over stock and keeps the price reasonable by doing only the biggest bang for the buck. We improve air flow by porting the head and with our 5 angle valve seat grind. We provide our race cam, heavy duty valve springs and we hard surface the rocker arms. The kit comes with a standard bore 12:1 compression ratio piston. Horsepower and torque are significantly improved. Click HERE for Dyno.

Big-Bore Engine........ Our Stage 2 686CC engine kit begins with our upgrades to the cylinder head. We port the head and blend the valve seats to the ports with our five angle valve seat shapes. We increase both intake and exhaust valve diameters 1 mm. Although it is commonly believed that increasing the valve size will increase high rpm hp and take away from the low end, this is not true of our kit. The increased air flow allows us to increase the low-end power with our race cam profile. This type of power delivery gives the most acceleration, and keeps the rpm levels at a safer range for reliability. We also upgrade to stiffer valve springs and hard surface the rocker arm for maximum durability. We bore the cylinder to 102 mm and increase the compression to 12:1. This kit is ideal for the dunes, desert, or high-speed trail riding.