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Honda TRX250R

Arlan has built his reputation as a world renowned engine builder with the TRX250R. These kits are famous for putting out big horsepower while still having the low-end grunt that is critical for acceleration and ridability. With the help of ATV Greats such as Gary Denton, Barry Hawk, and Bill Ballance, Arlan has developed engine packages for all types of racing and riding. With 15 major National Championships as well as 3 All-Japan championships claimed on Arlan Lehman built 250R engines, you can be sure that you are getting a World Class Honda engine. Check out the details below on these power products for the Honda TRX250R.


Pictured above is Matt Smiley our cross country rider running our 300 kit.


Paul Sindorf won the Plus 40 Champioship in the Yamaha QaudX series using LED's TRX 350R PV kit. The picture above is Paul on his ATV.


Performance Products

Carburetors: For larger displacement engine kits, we suggest running Keihin 38mm Air Striker or 39mm PWK Carbs for optimum performance.

Exhaust System: Standard Bore LRD Exhaust: This adjustable pipe is designed for modified performance engines. Utilizing a slip-fit adjustable design, riders can fine tune the powerband either for more bottom end, midrange, or top-end. Use the Big-Bore LRD Exhaust for engines over 310cc.

Reeds : Utilizing the Boyesen RAD 02B reed cage maximizes surface area and matches to the carburetors above for maximum performance.

Replacement Pistons: We have pistons for OEM cylinders, OEM Big-Bores, NIKS Cylinders, and more...Call us today and let us know what you need.

Replacement Crankshafts: HotRods stock stroke or +4mm stroker cranks come complete with HotRods connecting rods, top-end bearings, and crankshaft webs.

Honda TRX300R

The LED TRX 250R 300 kit is a 2011 cylinder kit for a 1980’s Quad. You definitely can teach an old dog new tricks with this leading edge technology loaded engine kit! Our cylinder casting features triple exhaust ports and radically improved transfer ports. The cylinder features a cast in integral reed spacer and the cylinder head allows for interchangeable combustion chambers.

We port the cylinder to match your riding style and the type of riding that you do. This cylinder has the same great acceleration and strong midrange power both LRD and LED Performance are famous for.

Don’t be confused by claims of other engine builders offering 310 kits. Our kit and all the other so called 310 kits use a 72 mm bore and are actually closer to 295 cc.

To help illustrate the performance gains of the LED 300 Kit We have provided a Dyno chart that compares our 300 kit ported for MX or XC to our ported stock cylinder Grand national kit. This 250 GNC kit is a replica of the Engines used by both Bill Balance and Jeremiah Jones at the beginning of the 2002   season. This gives a clear illustration of how the 300 kit is an improvement over the best ported stock 250R cylinders ever done.

300 Sphynx Kit

350 Sphynx Powervalve

The below dyno data shows the progress we have made in the last 4 years. The old style 350 PV is a good example of very good running engine kit. This is how a conventional LED Built, Pro-X or ESR 350 PV kit would perform. The improved scavenging efficiency is evident by the increase of h.p. starting at 4250 rpm and continuing until 8000 rpm. The old style cylinder requires more port timing to make the power it is making, which is why it is making less power below 8000 rpm. Both cylinders make their peak hp at 7750 rpm, but the Sphynx makes 66 hp and the old cylinder only makes 61.2. The exciting part is how acceleration is affected. The Sphynx makes 15.7 hp more at 6000 rpm (52hp) than the old cylinder(36.3). This also shows that we can increase porting on the Sphynx for even more hp and still keep as much or more low end as the old cylinder. This give us much more power above 8000 rpm. In most conditions power above 8000 rpm is not even half as useful as power increases at 6000-8000 rpm.

The 350 Sphynx power valve costs $2075.

Sphynx Non Powervalve

The Sphynx Non Powervalve costs $1725. 

Sphynx  365 Kit

Puma 430 Kit

This is Donny Steele's TRX 250R with a 76 mm stroke crank shaft. It is using an 85mm LED ported Puma cylinder. The reed valve is a CR 500 V-Force reed valve. The air box is replaced with a LED sheet metal intake tract with K&N filter. The exhaust is the LED big bore pipe and silencer model TRX 465G. It is using a PVL ignition. The carburetor is a 41.5mm Kehein PWK.



This is a custom drag pipe for the Puma kit.  

LED Exhaust System


The CP Industries Puma cylinder is well known as a top performing sand drag cylinder. There have been few pipe options for this cylinder. Many riders have approached LED with requests for an exhaust that will do more than just drag racing. The result is that LED has developed an in frame pipe that will bring the best out of the Puma cylinder for sand dune, MX, and TT riding. Our pipe makes the Puma more track able, improves acceleration and still retains the big horse power. Our simple to use, adjustment system allows the rider to lengthen the pipe for more low end, or shorten for max RPM. This allows the rider to fine tune the exhaust to match his engine combination or style of riding. The pipe works ideally on Puma, Sphinx, Pro-X and ESR cylinders of 330cc to 465cc. When ordering for the Puma cylinder specify which exhaust manifold you are using. LED offers a pipe for both sizes of exhaust manifolds available for the Puma cylinders.

LED TRX 465G Big Bore exhaust pipe is $350.00 and the silencer is $195.00

Chrome plating is available for and additional $180.00

LED Puma Cylinder