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Honda TRX450 Stage 1

Our stage one engine kit is a great boost in performance without spending big money. This kit is geared toward the consumer that already has a installed a mild cam shaft.(HRC, Hot Cams, CRF Cam).  We port the head to improve engine breathing. We grind the valve seats, improving the seat shapes which further increases air flow. We raise the compression and improve reliability by installing a CP piston.

For even better gain we can bore Carburetor (06 and newer) to 43 mm.

This combination does a great job of improving acceleration as well as a awesome top end gains.  The resulting power gain makes the engine pull hard off the corners, as well as ideal for hill climbs. The mid range power make for strong pull in every gear and it has enough top end to be a great race engine.

The chart below shows a stage 1 05 TRX 450 compared to stock 05 TRX 450 with Race pipe.


Honda TRX450 Stage 2

Our stage 2 modifications put as much air through the stock valves as you can get.  The head is ported to increase air flow while carefully optimizing velocity. We grind the valve seats with angles we have found to make the best low lift flow. We match the carburetor to the improved head by taper boring to 43 mm. The air flow improvements to the head and carburetor allow us to utilize a Web Camshaft with much more lift and duration. To keep the taller cam lobes from running off the lifters we machine the intake valve lifter bodies out to accept larger diameter lifters. This along with an improved valve spring kit gives use an extremely reliable and long lasting high lift camshaft and valve train.  We install valve spring and set valve seat pressure. For best results we install a standard bore 14-1 CP piston kit. We finish the kit off with the LED exhaust system and our sheet metal intake tube and K&N Filter. This kit is very effective in a wide verity of conditions. The strong low end is great for tail riding and cross country. The midrange and top end power is awesome in the dunes.The increased acceleration makes it a winner on the motocross track.


Honda TRX450 Stage 3

The LED stage 3 Kit for TRX 450 is a kit designed for national dirt track competition, but is versatile enough for other types of racing or riding. The kit makes more hp than a stock engine from bottom to top. For example at a low 4000 rpm it gains about 5 hp and by 6500 rpm it is over 10 hp stronger. At 7750 rpm it is nearly 19 hp stronger than stock and at its 10250 rpm peak its making very close to 64 hp which is 26 hp stronger than a stock TRX 450R with exhaust pipe and jet kit. Although the rpm range has been extended to 12000 rpm our attention to detail assures excellent reliablity. The weak link in four stroke race engines can be the valve train. We carefully choose only the best components. The kit uses a Web cam shift and we bore the lifter body to accept over sized valve lifters. We offer both Titanium or Stainless Steel over sized valves. We use a 14-1 Cp piston. We bore the carburetor to 43 mm and provide a jet kit which includes a gasket set. Each head is assembled with the valve spring pressure checked and set to the exact tension required. Each head is hand ported by Arlan to our dyno and flow bench developed shapes. We bore the valve throats to accept plus 1mm intake and exhaust valves. We cut the valve seat angles to maximize air flow as well as valve seat life. Piston skirt clearance is checked and ring end gap is set to our exact spec. Our testing and attention to detail is the secret to a reliable and high performing racing engine that is national caliber but user friendly enough for the sand dunes.


Honda 04/05 TRX 580 Kit


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