Carburetor & Throttle Body Boring

In order to maximize your engine kit, creating a larger inlet for the airflow becomes critical. We have developed tooling allowing us to bore your carburetor or throttle body to increase the amount of flow into the engine. This ensures the that your engine is breathing at a maximum and producing the utmost power. For EFI quads, we also provide the over-sized throttle plate and smooth out the throttle shaft to cut down the turbulence.

4-Stroke Head Services

4-Stroke PortingOur goal is to perform services that will meet the needs of our customers. If you ride tight XC-type terrain, we want to build you an engine that has tons of low-end torque and great throttle response. If you ride high-speed deserts, we want to give you performance in the mid range and great top-end power. We do not force a “One-Size fits All” engine package onto our customers because there isn’t a type of engine that will suit everyone.

2-Stroke Porting

2-Stroke Porting

Our philosophy at LED is all about Acceleration. Engines that pull hard off the bottom and mid range are most effective in acceleration. Making sure the power is close to peak 500-300 rpm before the engine peaks is the secret to good acceleration. It is hard to get a machine that has a narrow power band to accelerate as well as one with a wider power band.

Engine Rebuilding

While every engine rebuild, there are some items that should always be addressed to maximize engine life after a rebuild. Below are some standard services provided in the rebuilding process.

Bore & Hone Services

Cylinder Bore

Our Machine shop and get your Motorcycle, ATV, or PWC cylinder back to working order with our Bore/Hone/Resleeving services. Call ahead to see if we have your piston in stock and we can turn it around quickly with our Express Service.

Dyno Tuning

Thank you for your interest in our Dyno Tuning services. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a tuning service that exceeds your expectations.

We require that an appointment be made in advance to drop the vehicle off for the dyno services. Typically, we will have your machine on the dyno within few days. However, if you would like to be present for the dyno session, we can accommodate that as well. Be flexible. Dyno tuning is a dynamic process and your scheduled slot may be pushed forward or back depending on how other tuning sessions and projects progress.

Pre-Dyno Recommendations 
Following these simple instructions will help your dyno tune go smoothly

Dyno and you will extract the most out of your dyno session. Following these simple instructions will also limit any detrimental effects the dyno tune may have.

1) Disclose detailed information about modifications and the current running state when the vehicle is dropped off.

2) The front plastics should be taken off the machine for easier access to the RPM pick-up.

3) Bring the vehicle in with street or dirt tires. No paddles.

4) Check all fluid levels and have fresh motor/transmission oil.

5) Use quality fuel with an octane rating appropriate for your modifications.

6) Inspection: Check that all hose connectors are tight, clean your air filter, and check for exhaust leaks.

7) Please bring in a clean bike. No one likes to work on a dirty bike!

We look forward to extracting the optimum performance out of your machine. However, we cannot be expected to fix mechanical issues on the day of the dyno service. It is your responsibility to ensure the vehicle is in proper working condition with no mechanical defects.